Tina Flach "Live a little" my favorite Coach Kelly quote! Love the lifelong friendships made between the kids and parents! Sportsmanship also goes a long way. Another emphasis of Coach Kelly! We have had the privilege of working with him and his dedicated coaches for almost 6 years now.... Great read Coach!

Lindsey Andrachick I don't even need to read the article to answer ur question.... I think Jennifer and I would both say HELL ya we are crazy flying all over the country for our 12-year-olds to play baseball... BUT at the end, it's SO worth it. The friends my family and I have created are irreplaceable and I would spend thousands more for those friendships. There is a bigger picture. It can't be explained in words, it can only be lived

2017 Fall National Team

Stars and Stripes Sports is looking for committed players who have proven to be good teammates and want an experience of a lifetime! This process will provide you with valuable information and resources that will make a major impact on your baseball journey! We will field AA/AAA and Open Teams. We have produced hundreds of teams who have traveled and played all across the United States. It is very important to have confidence in a brand that will produce a great experience for your family while each player learns how to become a good teammate and conquer new challenges.  Cost is $295 a tournament and you are guaranteed a roster spot when you secure your registration.  Please note Fill In players are utilized when necessary to guarantee participation in an event. Rosters vary each tournament as does the coaching. All teams are assigned a Professional Coach who does not have a son on the team.  Contact KellyAhrens@StarsandStripesSports.com for more information.

Register Here To Get Athletic Profile Page Set Up and To Secure a Spot On A Roster

Fill In Player

From time to time we need Fill In Player as injuries and other issues get in the way. A "Fill In Player" is treated just as a normal player is however, they are not guaranteed a roster spot. You have to register and pay in full to secure a roster spot on any given weekend. "Fill In Player" is notified of need and accepts based upon availability. Cost to Fill in player is $95.00

A unique portion of our experience is involving someone from the local area who has not yet been exposed to Stars and Stripes Sports. We have secured relationships with hundreds of academy owners across the United States that provide us with players knowing we return them to their program a better teammate. Our program is "supplemental" and not meant to take over obligations for local teams that players participate with.

Register Here To Get Athletic Profile Page Set Up and To Be Called Upon As a Fill In Player When In Your Area

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Tryout Schedule

& And Details

  • Register and set up Athletic Performance Profile so we can see your video and learn more about you.
  • Players will immediately know how they match up and can compare to scoring matrix
  • Tryouts are managed with the Athletic Performance Profile details and sport testing data received from player testing at one of our events
  • Team Classifications-We will field appropriate classification based upon the player's that register to participate
  • Rosters- 11 to 12 Man Rosters For Each Tournament

Register/Reserve Tryout Here

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Tournament Schedule & Event Information


Tournament Dates and Locations

  • Sept 1-3 Baseball Heaven- Long Island, NY
  • Sept 15-17- Christiansburg, VA
  • Oct 6-8- Sports At The Beach, Georgetown, Delaware
  • Oct 27-29- Cocoa Beach, FL
  • Nov 10-12 San Clemente, CA
  • Dec 26-31 Orlando, FL

Register Here For Tournaments

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10U to 18U

National Teams

National Teams are formed for players ages 10U to 18U. Players must be a good teammate and be focused on how they can make their team better as personal accomplishments are secondary to the experience and development of the team.

If you are a serious player looking to gain exposure and challenge yourself, participation on one of these teams is critical to your success.

We want to be a major part of your development and your journey. There are many speed bumps along the way during your baseball journey and it is important to have a resource you can count on in a time of need.

10U National

11U National

12U National- Invite

12U National Red

13U National

14U National

16U National

18U National

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Professional Coaching

Stars and Stripes Sports engages proven professionals who are Qualified Coaches and who are proven to be able to develop players. It takes a special coach and person to get players from all over the country to come together as a team. We have demonstrated the ability to successfully mange this process for over 8 years. Players will be required to play "Fearless" and learn to be a good teammate who will develop a skillset that will make his team better.

Stars and Stripes Sports Qualified Coaches

Sporttesting details image (1).png

Participants will be tested on Sprint, Pro Agility Shuttle, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Grip Strength, Sit N Reach, Shoulder Flexibility, Exit Velocity and Throwing Velocity. Each player will leave with their results! Compare Numbers Using Score Matrix based on actual numbers.

Participants will be able to use the results to help guide their development and to see how their progression is taking place. Knowing the numbers allows the participant to set goals and track progression towards those goals holding himself and all his coaches, instructors accountable for development. Do not let anyone hold your future in their hands, you can grasp exactly where you stand. This knowledge allows you to make the best decisions.

Want To Play? Register Here!

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There is no better honor than to be able to be a part of a persons development on and off the field. Stars and Stripes Sports wants to be held accountable for providing great developmental opportunities that provide benefits

Each and every player becomes a part of a caring organization that wants to provide assistance in navigating the journey of travel baseball and to assist in providing valuable information that can help in the development process.

Need Based Scholarship Info

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We have been doing this for years!  Hundreds of professional coaches and thousands of players have participated in Stars and Stripes Sports teams.  Player development experience at its best!  Do not miss this opportunity for your son to experience something that will be a major foundation block in his development.

These Guys

Paved The Way For You!

This was the first group of players assembled from all over the United States.  They paved the way for you to be able to participate in such a great event.  Following these players as 15 year old today creates a lot of pride in how our program has played a small part in each athletes development.

Brian Jordan's Speech at our 2014 Flagship Event

All players need to have a mentor and someone who can lead by example. We have committed athletes who can relate to athletes with goals to play at the next level.  Learn from passionate athletes who have achieved at the highest levels.