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Tryout/Testing/Open House Sessions

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Tryout/Open House Session 1

Saturday January 14 from 9 AM to 12 PM

Tryout/Open House Session 2

Saturday January 14 from 3 PM to 6 PM
Tryout/Open House Session 3

Sunday January 15 from 9 AM to 12PM
Tryout/Open House Session 4

Sunday January 15 from 3 PM to 6 PM

This is a great opportunity to come and see first hand how special of an offering this truly is. This program will provide committed families who are looking for the proper support and resources to assist in navigating the journey of travel baseball and softball!

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If You Are Not Testing.........You Are Guessing!

All players will leave with testing results that will guide their development and provide necessary details as to what is best for their journey.   Empower yourself to know exactly where you stand and what next steps should be knowing you have a trusted development partner in Prime 9 and Stars and Stripes Sports.

Prime 9 and Stars and Stripes Sports have created a joint venture that will reward Houston Area athletes looking for a unique opportunity! Opportunities exist for players, coaches and teams no matter you affiliation. Prime 9 Facilities are second to none and now we have the capability to serve multiple ranges of needs from the single player , the coach looking for a home and support or the team or organization that needs the facilities and resources to count on!

Check Out Southern California Stars and Stripes Sea Dogs

2017 Will prove to be a pivotal year as we partner with programs such as the Sea Dogs to offer supplemental value to their existing program. They receive "National" opportunities and collaboration to provide support and resources to make sure their program best serves their clients Stars and Stripes Sports is a proven brand that will be extremely selective with partnerships.

Prime 9 will be joining the Stars and Stripes Sports team and will immediately receive the support and resources to serve their community.


Baseball Matrix

Why is Sport Testing So Important?

Why is Sport Testing So Important? If you are not testing…..YOU ARE GUESSING!

Serious athletes dream of success on the highest level. They hope they’re talented enough and make their best guess at what they need to work on to become good enough to move up each year.
But too often their dreams are shattered and hearts broken when reality hits and they fail to make the next level team, or discover they’ve worked hard acquiring the wrong skills.

What if they could find out right now how their talent level measures up to the best in the country at their age level? What would it be worth if they could know right now what they most need to work on to have their best chance for success in the future?

Stars and Stripes Sports has invested over eight years creating a precision testing system and the data base needed to reliably test sport-specific skills that provides answers to these questions and more.

A “SkillsScore” is a single number calculated by entering the athlete’s results on the series of tests our research has determined best predict success into our proprietary algorithm. Read More Here

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Fastpitch Matrix

Stars and Stripes Winning Process- Proven and Trusted

1. Benchmark Testing- If you are not testing you are must get a benchmark of where you are to measure growth and set goals. Athletes should be tested three times a year for proper development.  See the player index below to get some direction for your development journey.

2. Movement Efficiency- Athletes must focus on moving efficiently to avoid injury and maximize athleticism

3. Sports Performance- Athletes must get stronger and reach sustainable results that will allow them to execute their skill more efficiently

4. Skill Instruction- Athletes must spend quality time with professionals who are proven to be able to develop athletes by teaching the proper mechanics and approach for the athlete to master his/her skill

5. Exposure- Athletes must be exposed to the best competition to be challenged and to better measure their skill set. State, Regional, All American and National Teams administered by Stars and Stripes Sports provide the necessary challenge and introduction for an athlete to grow.

6. College Recruiting- Athletes must index their skill level and overall profile to match a college or university that is the best fit. Two Four Sports Network is Stars and Stripes Sports professional group that gives the necessary services to properly analyze and expose each athlete to the right school

7. Consulting and guidance. Stars and Stripes Sports Eco- System provides Pier to Pier Network and available professionals who have been down the road your family is about to travel. We konw where the landmines are burried and are a valuable asset in the years an athlete pursues their dream.

Pre Test Orientation

Do you want a map to help you with your journey? We have the map and the support to make your journey successful! Take Control of your journey and benchmark where you stand!

Grip Strength

Grip Strength is a great measure that provides important details in power and elbow health. The better the grip strength the less chance of Tommy John surgery. Exit Velocity is also an indicator of what someones grip strength is.  Grip Strength is also reflective of bat control and getting the barrel through the zone.  Athletes have used the technique of pushing rice down in a bucket to wrist curls, etc.  It makes sense to spend time developing your grip strength as there are simple applications that will allow a athlete to increase their grip strength.

Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump is a reflective skill that requires the upper half and lower half to work together. This skill can foreshadow how smooth a position player fields a ball or the mechanics of a pitcher. The more a player increases his vertical the smoother and more explosive he will become fielding, hitting and throwing. You can visibly see an athlete improve his jump with more and more practice.  Vertical Jump is an indicator of conditioning as the average height of 60 jumps can identify the athletes conditioning and how he will react in different situations.

Pro Agility Shuttle

Body Control is very important when considering athletes performing at game speed. Starting and stopping quickly is a common trait in all sports. The body control you have will impact the results of a play. The improvement of the timing of the Pro Agility Shuttle will greatly improve getting to the ball and making a play after getting to the ball. If a player scores low on this test, he will struggle to keep up with his teammates and the speed of the game.

Throwing Velocity

Throwing Velocity is a result of what numbers an athlete puts up in the broad jump and in the vertical jump. No one throws hard for long without using their lower half in their throw.
Arm action and body coordination initiated by the lower half provide projectability for a player. The ability to throw hard, and accurate are a result of an athlete who understands how to generate explosiveness starting from the ground up.  The common mechanics that appear in throwing also appear in hitting thus, typically proving that a player who throws the ball hard also hits the ball hard.

Exit Velocity

Exit Velocity is the tell all of a hitter. Nothing else really matters such as bat speed, hand speed, etc. in the "measurement" business. They are good indicators that can be used at a high level but they are meaning less in the training and development of a player. Bottom line is a good swing can be duplicated and the results can be consistent. Higher Exit Velocity is a result of a good lower half and a connected swing which can be identified in conjunction with the broad jump and and vertical jump. On most all occasions someone who throws hard also has the ball coming off their bat hard. Each mile an hour you increase your exit velocity, is a greater chance of getting a ball through the defense.

Sit and Reach

Sit and Reach provide a look at the hip flexors and how flexible your lower half is. Having the athlete perform three readings one with each leg and one with both legs extended, gives important information about the bodies "Balance". Many times it proves one side is 2 to 3 more flexible than the other and points out the need to maintain flexibility to avoid injury and to maximize athleticism in your sport.

Shoulder Flex

Shoulder Flexibility is a great indicator on arm action and ability for players to perform on a consistent manner while staying healthy. As much as athletes buy into Sports Performance, they do not measure the loss of flexibility and how that will affect their performance on the field. The more flexibility an athlete achieves, he reduces the chance of injury and increases his performance. Muscling the baseball will only lead to problems. When coaches at the higher level have to make decisions about who is going to pitch, the Shoulder Flexibility reading will be very important when measuring the durability of the athlete.

Broad Jump

Broad Jump is the #1 indicator of athleticism. The best athletes on the team always have the best broad jump. This simple test provides insight to how well the athletes body is performing in athletic movement. Broad Jump dictates explosiveness which dictates power, strength and speed. Getting benchmark and training on increasing your broad jump will relate to increased exit velocity and throwing velocity in addition to creating better flow in rhythm in fielding, hitting, throwing.

60 YD Dash

60 yd dash has been used for years in the baseball world where most other sports use the 40 yd dash. 60 Yd dash is reflective of conditioning as the body can not accelerate past 40 yards so maintaining speed becomes the measurement. Depending on the size of the group being tested we often get a 10 yd and a 20 yd split time which provides more detail about explosiveness and athleticism. As we gather more data points on the 10 yd and the 20 yd sprint, you will begin to see those times more telling in the conditioning and development of players.