Become A Part Of The Stars and Stripes Sports Family By Becoming A State Team

Player Development

Stars and Stripes Sports provides the support and resources to make sure your players are developing properly. Sports Testing, Sports Performance, Professional Instruction, Exposure and Recruiting are essential to offer your players. If you do not have these resources in your program, the better more committed players will be recruited out of your system and will prevent you from developing a team that can compete at any level with any consistency. A program will prosper if the proper development is taking place. Do not guess and think you are serving correctly, engage Stars and Stripes Sports proven system to ensure you are doing things the right way. Each player will get a Athletic Performance  Profile to track development and ensure accountability.


Structure and organization will benefit each Team Director so they can focus on developing the players. Team Page, Registrations, Player Profiles, Uniforms ,Fanwear, product purchases such as gloves, bats, etc., Camps/Clinics and all other needs are supported by Stars and Stripes Sports.

All coaches and families participating in the State Team Programs benefit from the leadership and stability provided by Stars and Stripes Sports so the team leaders do not have to try to recreate another mouse trap. We know where all the landmines are buried and will help you avoid mistakes  State Teams will enjoy a National Outreach that provides the ability to reach more players and lean on leadership to better manage their organization.  We have created a level of accountability that baseball families desire.

Cost and Details For a Sanctioned Team

  • Stars and Stripes Sports must approve a State Team Director to manage a Sanctioned Team(s)
  • Players are required to pay a $50 a year Sanctioning Fee to Stars and Stripes Sports Headquarters
  • Teams must manage operations using Peak Performance Network collecting all team dues and managing all activities such as tournaments, practices, workouts, etc. Cost for Team Use of Platform is $99.95 a month for multiple teams.
  • Sanctioned Teams must utilize player and parent contracts and make sure all details for team management appear in these documents that are uploaded to each player's profile
  • Teams can get liability insurance through USABSA which provides top coverage for teams and players. This insurance covers practice, games and more and is accepted by any tournament director in the country.
  • Team can utilize vendor resources through Stars and Stripes Sports for uniforms, etc

State Team Players Can Participate In Multiple Programs

A Stars and Stripes Regional Team is operated by Stars and Stripes Headquarters with assistance from Team Directors, Area Directors and State Directors. Stars and Stripes Headquarters manages all details to include player registrations, roster management, scheduling, coaching, practicing, etc. Each player has to be a Stars and Stripes sanctioned player.

Team Directors recommend players to participate at the Regional Level as the players are expected to be committed players. Regional Teams will be made up with the intention of traveling to the top tournaments in their "Region".

The Stars and Stripes All American Team is operated by Stars and Stripes Headquarters. Stars and Stripes Headquarters manages all details to include player registrations, roster management, scheduling, coaching, practicing, etc. Each player has to be a Stars and Stripes sanctioned player.

Players are selected from a pool of players attending the Stars and Stripes Winter World Championships, which is an annual event held in Orlando, FL December 26th -31st of each year. Players from all over the country come to participate in an event with like minded players and families.

National Teams are made up of players from all over the country. These teams are made up of Committed Players seeking to play the best competition. These teams will play in 3 or more tournaments in the Spring and Fall season.

National Teams draw from Stars and Stripes Team Directors, Area Directors and State Directors who want provide another level of competition to supplement their local competition. National Teams can be fully sponsored, partially sponsored or paid. AA and Open Teams are formed and will compete in appropriate venues that provide the best competition and experience.

Nationwide Resources

Accountability as a part of the Stars and Stripes Programs tells the world that your program is committed to proper player development.  No program can achieve on their own what can be accomplished from the Stars and Stripes Sports Eco System.


A Nationwide Band Of Brothers gives purpose and commitment to your program to ensure proper guidance and resources are available for all players needs.  Ensure your program is headed in the right direction.  Collaboration with professionals who care and have the experience to make a difference.


Coaches Contracts outline the Stars and Stripes Sports expectations of leadership. Player and Parent contracts outline the necessity to be a Team Player and to be the best teammate possible.  National standards created by top professionals who are collaborating daily to provide resources to your State Team Program.


2017 9th Annual Stars and Stripes Winter World Championships- Orlando , FL Dec 26-31